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Our Planet

Out of our love for nature comes a respect for it.  We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.  It’s a journey and we believe every small change adds up to make a difference.

Greeting Cards & Stationery – Naked Cards

We’re committed to reducing the use of plastic as much as we can.

All orders placed on our website will go out ‘naked’ without a cellophane bag.  Instead they’re sealed with a handy paper clasp to keep the card and envelope together.

For our trade units of 6s, we’re offering ‘naked’ cards too.  They will for the moment be protected from damage in warehouses and store rooms by an outer cellophane bag.  These bags are recyclable through council refuse collections.

Paper Responsibility

Our products are printed on certified FSC Paper which means its sourced with care from British papermakers who use wood from responsibly managed UK forests.

Our envelopes are created with FSC Paper.

We don’t use any special finishes on our cards which means all our cards and envelopes are recyclable.

All our stationery is printed in the UK.


We’ve removed the outer cellophane wrapping from our Well-being Range.

Our packaging is full recyclable.

We use recyclable cardboard and paper tape for our orders.  We use crinkle paper or paper padding to fill any extra space.

Well-being – Honest By Nature

We promise to make our products 100% natural, wherever possible, with no chemical or artificial ingredients.

We never test on animals and never have.

Our products are approved as cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny programme
We’re vegan friendly apart a tiny bit of beeswax in our candles.
Our collection is crafted in small batches in the English countryside.

Circular Plastic for our Hand Products

We’re moving towards using 100% recycled plastic for our range. We will be diverting plastic that would have headed towards land fill to be used in our bottles. New virgin plastic is created from non-renewal petroleum which is tough on the environment.

This means there is zero plastic waste since we’re using an existing resource and our bottles are fully recyclable and once used will head back for re-use via recycling.

So why didn’t we use glass or aluminium?

To create these materials a huge amount of resources is required. Glass has a shelf life and a potential for breakages, not ideal for wet areas! Additionally, glass products weight more and use up more fuel when they’re transported.

Or Bio Plastic?

Bio plastic is still virgin plastic and whilst it is created from planted based materials (sugar cane), we didn’t feel it was right be adding more plastic to our planet.


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