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Rooted in Nature

Growing up in the countryside, I have a deep-rooted love for the natural world. Even as a child, it provided many delightful distractions and I would spend hours in my garden picking the prettiest flowers to press or collecting the most fragrant petals for my homemade perfume. This fascination has stayed with me as an artist, where from the quiet sanctuary of my Somerset studio, I try to capture the beauty of nature and pay close attention to the details, to create a sense of movement and life.

The Nature of Things

I believe nature is the perfect antidote to everyday stresses and strains. Promoting a soft focus, it allows our minds to wander, rest and recover. Just the glimpse of a butterfly fluttering by or the scent of an English rose, can be all that’s needed to boost our mood and sense of wellbeing. So, I have created a collection of beautiful things that invite you to escape the hustle and bustle, and feel closer to nature – just for a moment.

Moments in Nature

At the heart of each collection is a handcrafted collage. Using shapes cut from origami paper and ink drawings, each original artwork evokes a mood or moment and is the source of inspiration for everything from our luxury notecards, to our award-winning wellbeing collection.

We work closely with a natural perfumer to create our bespoke fragrances. An art form in itself, he expertly selects and blends the finest essential oils, crafting beautiful scents that reconnect us with nature and ourselves.


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