We take great care to make sure our candles are really special.

Natural Fragrances
Our fragrances created with our super talented natural perfumer who blends the highest grade essential oils for their therapeutic benefits.  Enticing top notes are supported by many other delightful chords of fragrances within our beautiful scents.

High Grade Natural Wax
We use a custom natural blend of soy, rapeseed and coconut wax to create a clean burn producing little soot.

Small batches made in the South West
Our candles are created by hand in the small batches in the rolling countryside of the South West.

It wasn’t easy!
Creating our candles has caused quite a bit of heartache!!  There’s a lot of alchemy in candles and with a high essential oil content, it can be challenging to create a candle that burns perfectly.  Several tries later we succeeded and we’re super proud of the results with no compromise!

Fragrance until the end….
Our candles are double poured to ensure you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our candles until the it goes out.  Not all scented candle are created equal, very cheap ones have fragrance only at the the top, others have fragrance on the top third but ours have fragrance throughout the candle.

Multi Award Winning
We’ve proud to have won several awards for our candles.