Butterflies are associated with change and transformation, meaning that something new and wonderful is about to unfold.  This is super relevant with all the shifts we’re experiencing in the world right now.  We’re all adapting to a new way of living, and with September seeing the return to school for children, it’s probably rather quiet in various homes compared to the past few months.  It certainly is my end!  Here’s to a fresh start in the next chapter!

As Butterflies dance from flower to flower looking graceful and beautiful, they also remind us to have a joy in life and not to take life too seriously.


How about Two Butterflies?


In Mandarin China, there is a legend of a young man. He found himself in the garden of a wealthy family. But why was the young man trespassing? Well, he was pursuing a beautiful butterfly. The end of the story narrates a tale of love. Cupid struck the family’s daughter, and she fell in love with the young man. And in the end, they were married.

The butterfly is called ‘hu-tieh’ in Mandarin Chinese, which means 70 years. It symbolizes long life. In China, if two butterflies are seen flying together they are considered to be the perfect representation of love.