The Power of Scent


Smells can transport us to a place from years ago or spark memories of someone close.  Have you ever smelt a fragrance and been taken back years to a time when you sat with your mum while she sat at her dressing table or smelt colouring crayons and found yourself thinking of classrooms when you were young?

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses that we have and a tiny hint of something familiar can trigger a special memory. Its scientifically proven that there’s a link in our brains between memory and smell which makes having the right fragrance even more important!


The Artistry of Our Fragrances


We work with the leading natural perfumer to create our fragrances.  An art form in itself, one of my designs is always the starting place for each fragrance and this provides the inspiration for its creation.  Its a wonderful and highly collaborative experience when we work together.  Essential oils are mixed, smelt and pondered upon while we go back and forth until the mood and vision inspired by the artwork smell just right.

We work with pure essential oils and there are several layers to the fragrances to help you fall in love with it, time and time again.  Our collection is designed to take you on a journey to escape for a moment and allows you to reconnect with nature, restoring your sense of well-being.