There’s something magical about moving into a new season. It’s a chance to shake off the stresses and strains of what has gone before; a chance to turn over a brand new leaf at last! Don’t you think that autumn is rather wonderful? With this coming season we have the opportunity to literally run through those leaves- and what a beautiful feeling!  Here are three reasons to love this time of year……

New beginnings, new chapters and new dreams

Chances are, autumn has arrived with a new timetable for you and your family. Now is the ideal time to embrace the changes and to start afresh, preparing for future excitement.

Opening up a new notebook, clearing a space in the cupboard for new school shoes and preparing to learn new things. Autumn is all about transformation and provides a golden opportunity. Grasp it with both hands!

Now is the time to focus on all of those little goals you wanted to accomplish over the summer, but life got in the way. Take a few mini-moments to yourself now and start as you mean to go on. A moment to breathe, a moment to collect your thoughts and a moment to simply be. Find a time in your day to spend a few minutes of deep breathing to clear your mind, write a few lines in a journal and a enjoy steaming cup of tea – and do all of this for you.

A new season is your chance to make small changes to help to create a new chapter in your well-being.

Beautiful Colours

Each season has it’s own crowing glory and Autumn is the season of colours.  Think golden sunshine reflecting on the fallen autumn leaves, a rich tapestry of reds, golds and browns, red rosehips, deep purple blackberries, spectacular fungi, conkers, fir cones and brightly coloured crocuses. Now is a heavenly time to walk in nature and enjoy it before the temperature drops. Often we are treated to glorious sunrises and sunsets at this time of year, an amazing coloured sky is a real boost at the start of the day.

Cosy moments

It’s not often we have time to sit and reflect, but once the evenings start to draw in it does become a little easier! Autumn brings so many cosy moments, and its worth taking every opportunity to snuggle up.  I love to light a candle and enjoy the gorgeous fragrance whilst escaping in the peaceful quiet of a warm bath.

A new season brings change, and this can make us feel a little out of sorts.  Be kind to yourself as you adjust to the new season and allow nature to restore your balance.