Judy Pfaff is currently exhibiting her 140-ft long sculptural installation at Messums Wiltshire which will be on display until the 26 November 2017.

Photo – Iain Kemp Photography

The award winning American artist, Judy Pfaff, is best known for her large scale installation art. She describes her work as ‘painting in space’, and is inspired by the natural surroundings of each location she works in. Pfaff creates captivating sculptures and installations by combining sculpting, painting and printmaking that intertwine landscape, architecture and colour into a fascinating yet organic whole.

For Pfaff’s exhibition at Messums, her creativity came from the strength of landscape that inspired Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the ancient dwellings of England. The idea developed over two years, following Pfaff’s first visit to Messums in 2015, and it was in July 2017 when her tools, materials and installation components boarded the freight container to begin the journey across the Atlantic. On site, Pfaff gathers local material and helpers to develop her sketches, however never knowing how each one will turn out, she allows the installations to grow organically within their spaces as she accumulates, subtracts and refines their elements. The outcome of the installation was a celebration of the creative vitality of Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire expressed through the use of wood, chalk, stones, root balls from 300-year-old Sycamore trees and modern materials.

Photo – Steve Russell Studios

This exhibition is definitely one not to miss so make sure you get down there quickly. For more information on the exhibition and to visit go to http://messumswiltshire.com/judy-pfaff/. While you are there make sure you pop into their beautiful shop where you will find our wonderful home fragrance products (see if you can spot them in the photo above!!).

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