Deer symbolise gentleness, unconditional love and kindness, what a glorious combination these beautiful and mystical creatures are!   Deer are highly in tune with nature and their surroundings due to their excellent hearing and strong sense of sight even in low light.  Their gentle and caring nature is shown by the loving and protective way they look after their young.  In the first few days the fawns barely move and their mothers remain steadily by their sides.  Once strong enough  to walk their mothers guide them carefully through the forests to grassy areas.  Once in the open, the Mothers are constantly watchful and attentive of their fawns whilst they graze on happily on fresh spring grass. 

In the Celtic tradition, the female and male aspects of the deer represent different areas of life.  The Hind (the red female deer) is known as Eilid in Gaelic and represents femininity, subtlety and gracefulness.  It is believed that the Hind calls us from the material trappings of life to explore our own spiritual nature.  The Gaelic word for stag is Damh and they are seen as a symbol of independence, purification and pride.  The Damh is also linked with the sacredness of the forest.

AuthorEloise Hall