So I cracked!  We were given our kitchen table and chairs by a friend who was clearing out his garage and somehow seven years later we were still living with furniture that we would not have owned by choice.  Though the shapes of the table and chairs were good, the dark colouring of the wood made our kitchen feel rather gloomy so I found my sander and set about the table and chairs.  It turns out that sanding furniture is very hard work and also time consuming!  After the second chair I was beginning to doubt my plan.  However a few weeks later I can see the fruits of my labour, and I am completely thrilled with the result. It has made the room seem so much brighter and more welcoming.  When all the chairs and table were finally sanded down I lime waxed the chairs and both lime-washed and varnished the table top to withstand the daily arsenal of family life.

Here's an image of the table before:


As luck would have it, I also found two more chairs to match the six we owned and so we now have a complete set.  With this new chic look, I feel like we are eating in the calm of

Daylesford Organic which is a real treat. 

AuthorEloise Hall